When it comes to Criminal Law, don't ever make assumptions. Please hire a Lawyer to represent you in these cases. If you have a previous case that has been adjudicated, please reference our website and refer to our FREE Evaluation Document Form to determine if we can help you seal the criminal background records. Criminal Background
As a United States citizen you should be aware that you are protected by certain Constitutional Rights. OHLE & OHLE have over 35 years of combined experience defending the rights of those accused with criminal offenses.

We are trained in defending, protecting and safeguarding your constitutional rights.

With so much at stake it only makes sense to consult with a law firm that has extensive experience in handling over 3,000 criminal cases throughout its thirty-year existence.
If you are not aware of the legal system and what it has to offer you with a Criminal Attorney appointed to your case, you may be neglected of your rights as a citizen of the United States within the Criminal Justice System.